That Feeling of Release…

Well, whaddaya know? We all survived! Looks like December the 21st 2012 will always be remembered for… absolutely nothing. Ah, well. At least we’re still around to appreciate the delights that December 22nd will bring us…

Like my third blog post this week!

I know! I’m so sorry about that. After this, I promise you won’t have to read any more of my crap for ages.

Well, apart from one little bit.

That little bit, incidentally, is my second book, which I am releasing TODAY.

In fact, if you look out of your window… no, not that window! The magic window. The one looking out on the invisible and electronic world. Point your broswers at, and you’ll see… well, you’ll see the Amazon homepage, I guess.

But if you go here:

Or here, if you’re still living in the UK:

You might just find THIS:

Book Two Cover Picture

After a lot of internal debate, polling both of my rabid fans, checking with my Mum and then going back and second, third and twenty-sixth-guessing myself – I decided to call it:

‘Don’t Need The Whole Dog!’

Because that fitted on cover.

And also, there’s a story about a dog in it.

But I have to mention, that this book is NOT about animals. Not really. So PLEASE – don’t buy it expecting it to be, and then get all annoyed when it isn’t! I get enough bad reviews because my grammar is so shockingly poor (and because I have been known to swear on occasion…).

So, yeah. The book is about everything that happened after I got back from Ecuador. Some of which was painful. Most of which was my fault. It had always been my dream to steal Toby’s dream (of going to Thailand and becoming a diver). But it’s never quite that easy, is it? Not when you’re me, at any rate.

So, this is the story of what happened while I was trying to pursue that dream – and, of course, what happened when I finally achieved it. (That’s where it gets a bit messy…

I do hope you have a look, and enjoy it, and say lots of nice things about it to your friends and family! But I fully understand if you don’t buy it. Or if you buy it, and hate it. Or if you borrow a friend’s copy and feel kind of ‘meh’. It happens.

And as you all know, I LOVE feedback of any sort. So if a waffley bit bores you or offends you – please do let me know! I always see my stuff as a work-in-progress, and I’ve made several corrections in my first book based on what readers have told me.

If it’s not very good – you can help me make it better!

Because I’ve been working on it for a year, and to be honest I’m getting quite sick of it… :0)


And from the bottom of my heart, thank-you – all of you – for reading my stuff. I LITERALLY couldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for you!

And to celebrate that fact, I have decided NOT to put a picture of my bottom on this blog post. You see? I do do requests… :0)

11 thoughts on “That Feeling of Release…

  1. Hooray I will download it today as a Christmas present to myself. Don’t worry I’m sure we will let you know if there are any boring bits. Well done on surviving the End of the World!

  2. Just talking with my sister-in-law and father-in-law and saying how much we enjoyed Bear, I said “oh he’s supposed to be writing another one”, came here to see if there’s any news and lo and behold the books been out for a whole 2 days (or 2.5 or 1.5 or I don’t know since we are half a world away over here).
    Anyway, I hope you’ve done a spell check this time ;p and a slap on the wrists for not telling your KUF friends (and, more importantly, me) immediately.
    All the best with the success of this one and have a very merry Christmas.

    1. Hi Joo! Sorry about that! I’ve been meaning to do the rounds – I did family and Facebook yesterday, and then today Christmas-type stuff started happening! It was a bit of a mess really – I had to put the book onto Amazon well over a week ago, and try to keep it secret because I hadn’t finished the editing! But I had to get it live to grab a link to put in the back of the final, error-free upload of ‘That Bear’ – just before a big ad I was running! Then I told no-one, and tried to finish the editing like fury before anyoe bought the thing! Finally, I got to the stage a couple of days ago when I was just not seeing what I was reading – I’d looked at it for too long. So I thought “Bollocks to it!” and put up a blog saying it’s ready. Even if it isn’t – which I probably shouldn’t admit, I know…
      But then I figure, people will soon tell me what’s wrong with it!
      Then I can upload a slightly improved version… so, yeah.
      It’s here… kinda :0)
      I’ll have to visit the forums and mention it!

  3. First, congrats on the new book
    Second, christ Tony, I am one of your rabid fans and you didn’t include me!
    Third, I thought I was following you but have received nothing, nada, zilch (do you think I can claim to be multi-linguistic on applications?) from you. I finally realized I haven’t heard from you for a while and since you were almost stalking me there for a while, I have missed you.
    So I am clicking “follow”, if I can find the button and then toodle over to Amazon to buy your latest tome. Don’t worry, you will get feed-back.
    Oh and check out, they can help you. :}

    1. Hiya!
      Sorry about that, I didn’t do much of a release – pretty much just this blog post, and a note on Facebook! It was a weird one, because I didn’t really feel ready to release it, but my hand was forced by a big expensive advert I’d taken out for the first book. Anyhoo, it all worked out!
      I’ve been following your blog, at least as far as your Koh Phangan adventures! Then I got suddenly busy, with a new job – well, A job (my first since 2009) – and God only knows how people who work find time for anything! I haven’t even written a word of my next book since I started working… but I probably shouldn’t admit that on here….!
      Cheers for the link – my grammar does have its own, rather unique style… or perhaps lack of style would be more appropriate :0)
      Hope you enjoy The Whole Dog’

  4. Hello I have heard of your books and your “famous” grammar but personally I think it’s just that you want an image for yourself…. something that sets you apart from others you know??? If I’m wrong please say so… and one more thing.I haven’t read your books and I wanted to ask, what is different from you and other authors… What sets you apart and what makes your books worth reading?? 🙂
    P.S. sorry if I affended you it’s just my personal opinion.. please answer I’m anxious

    1. Hi Victoria! It’s true, I do like the image people seem to have of me – as a rather foolish, rather clumsy person, who writes like he is telling stories in the pub! It kind of just happened that way though. Of course, I was never going to suggest that my writing was like Shakespeare!
      I think what sets me (and my writing) apart from others is that it is funny, silly, easy to read, and not too complicated! Rather like me, actually. My books are only worth reading if you like to laugh at other people hurting themselves. But then, a lot of people do…
      Especially if the person hurting themselves is me.
      Because *that* is the one thing I do better than most people…

      1. Thanks for the inside scoop…. if that’s what you call it 🙂 haha
        Look forward to reading them :0)


        1. Scoops we had a-plenty… it was like the scoop family, with Daddy scoop, Mommy scoop, and a pair of little twin baby scoops! All holding hands and playing in the park… wait a minute! I AM NOT getting broody. Not over scoops, for gawd’s sake…

          1. Wanna give me more of cousin scoop I’ve haven’t heard from her 😀

            That much 😉

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