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On Christmas Eve, 2009, I asked my girlfriend Krista to marry me.

She said YES! I was ecstatic. She was ecstatic. Her sisters – well, there are three of them so they were anywhere between two and a half and three times ecstatic. Basically, everyone was pretty happy. But within hours a cry had gone up from various friends and acquaintances. A question was posted on my Facebook page:

Is this THE END?

You see, I’ve been travelling and adventuring around the world for six years. I’ve only been home a couple of times (just long enough for mum to wash my clothes), before getting back out to where the action is. So what was worrying my friends was, with wedding bells in the air and serious plans afoot – was this the end of my grand adventure?

I was shocked. I sat down and wrote all my possible options on a piece of paper. It looked something like this:

  1. Stop adventure. Buy house and settle down. Have mortgage. Get a Real Job.
  2. RUN! Run for the hills! Make a Tony-shaped hole in the nearest wall with the speed of my escape and never, ever return!
  3. Continue adventure. Take Krista with me.

I showed these options to Krista. Luckily for me, she’s quite an adventurous girl herself  (here’s a picture of us adventuring together).

So after almost a minute of careful consideration (most of which was spent checking the nearest wall to see if I could actually get through it), she chose option 3. And once again, we were ecstatic. (But on our own, in our room, so no-one saw.)

And thus was born ADVENTURE WITHOUT END! In order to prove that our ridiculous exploits never will (end), and to document them in somewhat sarcastic prose – for future generations to learn what’s best not to do when travelling the world – I have created this… thing. This beast! Part blog, part travel memoir, and none of it was sent back from the future to kill Sarah Connor.

In these posts I will chronicle the amazing events of our life as they unfold, report on the previous adventures we’ve had, and try to inspire as many people as I can, to live a life of Adventure Without End! So, in my next post I will unveil the mystery that is me. Before your very eyes I will explain what makes me tick, what I have done and achieved, what I am going to do, and why you should care. Which is not to say that you will care, but you can at least try. I’m a nice guy God Dammit!

In the meantime I shall leave you in peace, to recover from the shock that there are now thirty million AND ONE blogs on the internet… I know. I was scared too. Want to hold my hand?

Love from Tony

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